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My ultimate goal is to make this website the MOST INFORMATIVE site on chinchilla care and breeding in the world... or at least in New Zealand!

If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this site, or you have a question about a topic I may have overlooked, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer all your questions and clarify any ‘grey’ areas!

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my site.

Rebekah and the chinnies


Yes, this site is an information site, however it is also the electronic home of my Little Chintas Chinchillas breeding program. I occasionally have babies available to awesome forever homes, if you would like your home to be home to one of my babies e-mail me, if I don’t have any babies available right now I can add you to the waiting list.

Not only do I breed chinchillas but I am also a volunteer rescuer with the Little Chinchas Rescue Ranch, if you would like to adopt an older, perhaps more ‘special needs’, chinchilla or would like to know how you can help with the rescue work you can e-mail me to find out more!

Little Chintas Chinchillas is a Registered Breeder with The Chinchilla Network!

Little Chinchas Rescue Ranch is a Registered Rescue with The Chinchilla Network!


All the information contained on my site is compiled from my own experiences and research into chinchillas, and information I have gathered from other chinchilla owners, breeders and rescuers the world over, however none of the advice on this site is intended to replace that of an experienced specialist chinchilla veterinarian.

If your chinchilla requires veterinary attention please do your best to find a vet who is knowledgeable about chinchillas or seek advice from experienced chinchilla owners or breeders, there are many international forums with knowledgeable people who can offer advice in the event you are unable to find a suitable vet.


If you have any questions about chinchillas, their care, availability, or items for sale in my store you can contact me here!


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